It is my pleasure to praise the excellent work being done by 25/7 Protection.

As the founder of Crime Stoppers, the world's most successful anti-crime program, I know a little something about innovation and 25/7 Protection is one of the most innovative businesses in the World.

The secret to 25/7 Protection's success is that they don't install security systems, they make them perform better. They help their customers select the best systems and make them even more efficient by adding proactive measures, stopping criminals before they can do their harm.

They count many major retail businesses and high-end residences as their clients. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, business or property, you owe it to yourself to get the best security equipment and expertise available. You have only one chance to get it right.

I know Crime Stoppers works. We have solved two million crimes world-wide. And I know 25/7 Protection will work for you.

Detective Greg MacAleese (Ret.) Crime Stoppers Founder

With more than 30+ years in law enforcement, I've seen thousands of good people who have been burglarized, robbed, assaulted or worse. Traditional security systems are reactive, notifying you AFTER the criminal is inside. You MUST be proactive; that's why I recommend the security experts at 25/7 Protection Superstore. 25/7 Protection security systems notify you BEFORE a criminal enters your home, property or business. Anytime, anywhere. Using your mobile device, you can set off loud sirens, flashing lights and talk to them via intercom.

Jim Fuda Director of Law Enforcement Services, Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound

Working with 25/7 Protection and the vast array of video security products they offer has provided the needed identification and verification to vet the culprits taking advantage of the many locations that we have throughout North America. The systems that we have installed from 25/7 Protection for our loss prevention teams have instilled a trusted working relationship between our staff and the crew at 25/7 that fosters a constructive collaboration and consultation regarding innovative products and concepts to capture the needed video documentation and evidence for or Loss Prevention Department to apprehend and prosecute the proven offenders.

Costco - Loss Prevention

25/7 Protection has supplied the expertise and equipment needed to manage our business infrastructure with much needed video security. 25/7 and the install crew designed and implemented a system to manage multiple buildings at our facility that has afforded us the ability to manage our multiple buildings with on-site and off-site management that is reliable and consistent for us to manage and protect our business.

Cascade Gasket

25/7 Protection came highly recommended as a trusted source for consistent and impactful video security. We put our trust in 25/7 Protection and the products that they stand behind for video security to protect both the O’Neill Plumbing Business and our family home. Our system allows us to know the truth about the events that occur at our business facility and our home. The 25/7 Protection systems we own have provided us with the ability for a credible alert when to look in at our business and home for us to self-monitor both from anywhere right on our smart devices. The creative design plan and impactful deterrent products that we purchased from 25/7 Protection have greatly assisted in fleet management, equipment and material theft from our business and residence.

O’Neill Plumbing

25/7 Protection has provided us with multiple video security systems to manage and protect our multiple locations. The video security systems from 25/7 Protection have granted us the opportunity for high quality and consistent video protection with to manage our multiple locations inside and out to manage our inventory control, workforce and valued clientele. Our 25/7 Protection video security systems allow us to be an owner of our own video protection that we can easily operate to have control of how we want to protect our business.

Smokin Willy’s

25/7 Protection truly has helped us protect our home. The install crew was amazing and professional in respecting the intricacies of our unique home, while taking the time and care to protect our home and provide an aesthetically outstanding install. We now have the ability to be alerted of a potential crime with visual verification and we have been given the chance to Stop the Crime not Watch the Crime on our property due to entrusting 25/7 Protection for our video security system.

Greg and Jan Cromwell

25/7 Protection has been and continues to be a wonderful resource in developing the video security system that I self-installed at my home as my parents. The guidance I have received from 25/7 Protection over the years has led me to transition from my initial analog system to the latest options available in the digital high definition video security products offered by 25/7 Protection today. I have been able to adapt and customize the video security system to my specific property needs overtime when I was ready to add on and modify. I appreciate the flexibility and convenience of the 25/7 Protection business model that has allowed me to tailor my needs regarding my video security system on my schedule.

Ted Scott