Manuals and Quick Start Guides for Older DVR’s

DVR Quick Start Guide Version 6.0.3 2015

DVR User’s Manual V6.0.3 2015

Manual DVR EDGE 2016

Guide for setting up the Port Forwarding for Standard Comcast Router

How to Port Forward

Xfinity myxfi router setup

xfinity myxfi forwarding

Guide for setting up the Port Forwarding for Qwest Router

Port Forwarding the Actiontec M1000 qwest


Wiring Diagrams for Strobe, Siren, Dakota Alert System

Dakota Single Zone Strobe Wiring Diagram

Dakota All Zone Strobe Diagram

RB257 Wiring Diagram

Siren & Dakota Wiring For Text Alert

Speaker Wiring Diagram


New Wiring Diagrams for Siren, Strobe to DVR

4 Channel DVR

4ch Strobe Wiring

4ch Siren Wiring

4ch Siren + Strobe

8 Channel DVR

8ch Strobe Wiring

8ch Siren Wiring

8ch Siren + Strobe

16 Channel DVR

16ch Strobe Wiring

16ch Siren Wiring

16ch Siren + Strobe


Overview for Self Installers on wiring cameras, strobe, and siren. Explains types of wire runs to be made.

Job Overview Install Notes

New Android App Update Version 7

The android app now has a new version, it has been recently updated to version 7. It has a new look and feel to it. Now compatible with android 9 (pie). The following guides  are designed to help with getting the Push Service subscribed, and also on some users the password in the device manager is blank causing the message “account locked” on the live view screen.

Fixing the Blank Password in the Device Manager:

Device Manager Android App V7

Subscribing the Push Notification Service:

Push Service Subscribe ICRSSPRO V.7


Guide for setting up Push Notifications on the ICRSS Pro phone\tablet app.

Push Setup for i-Phone (previous version ICRSS Pro)

Push Notification Setup Phone App

Guide for setting up Devices in Phone App

Phone App Setup

P2P Phone app setup

Email\Text Message Gmail recent changes

Due to a change to Security Protocols with Gmail SMTP services, if your text messages stop working there is a change to make that might get this working again.

  1. To find the email settings, log in to the DVR “Main Menu” , select “settings” , and find “network”. 
  2. In the Network settings page you are looking for the “email or SMTP” menu.
  3. In this menu you will change the “port” from 465 to 587, and in the drop down list for “encrypt” you will change from SSL to TLS. Apply changes and run the email test. If successful then you should get mail test normal message. Click on Save or OK.