Update to server Issues from Icrealtime

Our ICDDNS server will be fully restored shortly.
Technical Department | 2019-07-11
UPDATED: 7/15/2019
Engineering has deployed an Amazon AWS instance and configured the server environment in preparation for the new ICDDNS platform.
ICR Firmware team is now in process of developing the DDNS firmware and performing internal test throughout today and tomorrow. We’re eager for a resolution this week if not sooner. Developers and engineering resources remain actively working until a this is sorted.
As always, P2P and direct access remain available. If you have remote sites or multiple outages, our support team can help discuss a restoration solution. Our helpdesk remains open as well for users to create tickets where we can provide updates directly about the status of the DDNS service.

“Our ICDDNS server will be fully restored shortly.
Technical Department | 2019-07-11
UPDATED: 7/11/2019
IC Realtime engineering team has identified a critical hardware failure in a dedicated server responsible for the majority of ICDDNS. In working with our hosting provider, GoDaddy, we have faced extremely flimsy support from the Data Center team and GoDaddy themselves for a hardware issue resolution. We are trying to hold GoDaddy accountable to fix their failed hardware and it has caused nothing but additional delays. We are trying to work with all customers to use the P2P service, direct connection, or any other available methods to connect in the interim period while services are restored.
Because of the weak support on such a critical service, IC Realtime has already taken steps to migrate this server to Amazon AWS hosting to avoid future issues that impact our customers like this.
We completely apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to provide updates and support for all customers as they develop.”

ICDDNS Server down quick fixes


With Newer model DVR’s they have a feature called P2P, this is not being affected by the DDNS server problem. This can be enabled and used to connect to the DVR .

Option 1

Log into the DVR Main Menu, go to settings and then Network. Depending on the series you might find P2P on the left column (bottom selection) or older units it might be under “advanced network settings”. If you don’t see it then go to option 2.

If you do se it the select the tab, click on enable and save, go back into P2P and look at the status, it should indicate “connected” or “online”. Stay on this page since you will need to scan the QR code into your phone app.

Open up your ICRSS Pro app on your phone, select top left icon(menu) and select “device Manager”. 

Android users– Select top right (+)–>Tap OK–>tap P2P–>tap “Wired Device”–>enter a name (P2P)–>on the SN line tap the far right icon, it will open your camera to scan the QR code, enter the DVR password, then start live preview. 

I-phone users– Select top right (+)–>tap P2P–>enter name (P2P)–>tap SN far right icon to scan QR code, Enter DVR Password (5 dots are the default admin password, if that is not correct then clear it out and enter the password)–>tap on the top right icon to save–> tap top left icon and select “Live Preview”, try connecting to the device just added and you are done.

Option 2

If you don’t have the P2P option you can use the IP address you can on sites such as or Once you have that IP address then using that create a new device on the device manager for a temporary away connection. Note* Your IP address that your ISP gives your router does change, that is why this is a more temp fix.

Option 3

Go to ICRealtime’s Site and sign up for using that service through that website. Talk to ICRealtime tech support for help with that setup.

Thanks for your patience while ICRealtime gets their server issues sorted out


Closure Letter

Manuals and Quick Start Guide for Newer DVR’S (2018 and newer)

General Quick Start for Newer Series Menus

AVR Quick Start 2018 

Slimline Unit (up to 2HDD)

DVR AVR Slimline 2018

Full Size Unit (up to 8 HDD)

Full Users Manual  (Newer Series)

HDAVS DVR User’s Manual V1.0.0 20180612

Manuals and Quick Start Guides for Older DVR’s

DVR Quick Start Guide Version 6.0.3 2015

DVR User’s Manual V6.0.3 2015

Manual DVR EDGE 2016

If you changed your router or had to reset it to factory settings you will need to redo your Port Forwarding in the router menu. The following guides might assist in getting that set back up.

Guide for setting up the Port Forwarding for Standard Comcast Router

How to Port Forward

Xfinity myxfi router setup

xfinity myxfi forwarding

Guide for setting up the Port Forwarding for Qwest Router

Port Forwarding the Actiontec M1000 qwest


Wiring Diagrams for Strobe, Siren, Dakota Alert System

Dakota Single Zone Strobe Wiring Diagram

Dakota All Zone Strobe Diagram

RB257 Wiring Diagram

Siren & Dakota Wiring For Text Alert

Speaker Wiring Diagram


New Wiring Diagrams for Siren, Strobe to DVR

4 Channel DVR

4ch Strobe Wiring

4ch Siren Wiring

4ch Siren + Strobe

8 Channel DVR

8ch Strobe Wiring

8ch Siren Wiring

8ch Siren + Strobe

16 Channel DVR

16ch Strobe Wiring

16ch Siren Wiring

16ch Siren + Strobe


Overview for Self Installers on wiring cameras, strobe, and siren. Explains types of wire runs to be made.

Job Overview Install Notes

ICRSSPRO Phone App Setup and Notification Procedures

New Android App Update Version 7

The android app now has a new version, it has been recently updated to version 7. It has a new look and feel to it. Now compatible with android 9 (pie). The following guides  are designed to help with getting the Push Service subscribed, and also on some users the password in the device manager is blank causing the message “account locked” on the live view screen.

Adding New Devices to App or new phone setup

Walk thru on setting up devices to app:

Adding Device Android App New Version

Fixing the Blank Password in the Device Manager:

Device Manager Android App V7

If your Notifications stop working, step to set the back up.

Subscribing the Push Notification Service:

Push Service Subscribe ICRSSPRO V.7

iPhone Setup ICRSSPRO

If you Stop receiving notifications on your phone, how to re-subscribe.

Guide for setting up Push Notifications on the ICRSS Pro phone\tablet app.

Push Setup for i-Phone (previous version ICRSS Pro v6.0)

Push Notification Setup Phone App

Got a new Phone or re-installing the App

Guide for setting up Devices in Phone App

Phone App Setup

Don’t want to do port forwarding and just use P2P for connecting to DVR.

P2P Phone app setup

If you are still using text messaging as your style of notification and it stopped working recently, you can try changing the port and encrypt type as outlined below. If that doesn’t work then Yahoo does offer a free SMTP service that was verified to work with the older DVR’s and you will need to change some settings in the DVR menu for the email to get that working.

Email\Text Message Gmail recent changes

**Please Note** This fix was working, but recently no longer effective.

Due to a change to Security Protocols with Gmail SMTP services, if your text messages stop working there is a change to make that might get this working again.

  1. To find the email settings, log in to the DVR “Main Menu” , select “settings” , and find “network”. 
  2. In the Network settings page you are looking for the “email or SMTP” menu.
  3. In this menu you will change the “port” from 465 to 587, and in the drop down list for “encrypt” you will change from SSL to TLS. Apply changes and run the email test. If successful then you should get mail test normal message. Click on Save or OK.

Alternative SMTP Service settings for Yahoo Email (requires email account with Yahoo)

Port: 587
Encrypt: TLS

Username : your yahoo account (example
Password: your yahoo password
Sender: your yahoo account

Yahoo does have the same settings inside the account settings that need to be enabled in the security section for allowing less secure apps .
“Allow Apps that use less secure sign in”
By default that setting is not enabled, so make sure you enable it.

Local Tech Support

Blue Spectrum Technology: 425-224-5784

Blue Spectrum has been working with our customers in set-up and support of our systems. They will have more detailed information about your  settings and your system configurations. They are a Pay as you go support, but they can provide both phone, remote, and on-site service.

For items such as password resets the manufacturer only allows this to be provided through a registered dealer for the product. Blue Spectrum is a registered Dealer and can help with that.

For Router set-ups, new phone or reloading the phone settings, Blue Spectrum would have more exact information to help you faster on the particular settings for your system since we used them to originally during the initial setup on professional installs. They can help also with the peripheral items such as; Speakers, sirens, strobes, outdoor alerts and other trouble shooting questions and concerns. 

ICRealtime Contact Information

For generalized questions on operation of the product, menus, software for their product only.

Tech Support:

Phone: 1-866-997-9009

If you are having an issue with an item and need to send it in for service, please review the warranty policy, have the serial number available from the item.

RMA Information:

By E-mail:
By Phone: 866-997-9009 Option #3
When sending equipment in for service, please package the equipment securely. This includes but is not limited to sealing the box with packing tape, padding the equipment with packing foam, and securing loose items within the box.

Warranty Info:

Dakota Alert : Manuals and Website

Warranty Info: 1 Year Warranty