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It’s key when stopping crimes to make a criminal uncomfortable before they strike or start the actual violation- this is where being Proactive and Interactive vs Reactive is vital when managing the security in and around your home.

Once your home is violated from a theft, property crime or violent crime; the Home Owner is forever marked with a feeling of insecurity; the violation is personal and long-lasting. Home Invasions are scary, costly and, often, violent, with lasting consequences.

25/7 Protection Superstore’s cutting edge security solutions are designed to STOP crime BEFORE IT HAPPENS, notifying you immediately when someone is outside your property or home. You then can speak to them via intercom, set off sirens, flashing lights, all from your mobile device, regardless of where you are at the time. You can be a continent away, and be instantly notfied, and proactively stop the intruder, before its too late and they enter your home or property.

25/7 Protection goes out of its way to listen to you and match the security solution to each home owner in order to help make sure you do not become a victim in the first place, or prevent it from happening again if you have already experienced a home invasion. 25/7 Protection has designed and installed cutting edge security solutions that protect hundreds of homes and families, throughout the Pacific Northwest. Don’t wait until its too late. Visit our Superstore in Tukwila. Discuss your security needs with our experts, demo the products, and we’ll design a system to stop crime before it happens to you. We’re open 7 days a week.