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The Alarm industry usually relies on a reactionary monitoring company to alert you after the fact and is installed by an electrician with not much experience in the actual prevention of unwanted behaviors.  The result is system failure, false alarms, and thousands of dollars in losses.

When it comes to business security, 25/7 Protection is unmatched with experience using Video Management to audit and verify behaviors, enhancing the bottom line from wasted profits – weather it is Vehicle/ Yard Management using creative Proactive and Interactive Solutions vs Reactive measures to change the theft behaviors before the damage is done and costly clean up or repairs are needed; Frivolous L & I Claims or Unwanted Law Suits, Time Management and Employee or Production Audits using specific cameras for different areas within the building or on the perimeter.

25/7 Protection has designed and installed cutting edge security solutions that protect hundreds of businesses throughout the U.S. Fortune 500 companies to one man shops.  Visit our Superstore in Tukwila.  Discuss your security needs with our experts, demo the products, and we’ll design a system to stop crime before it happens to you, We’re open 7 days a week.