About Us


25/7 Protection has diligently researched and sourced out vendors to work with that provide quality products that are consistent and reliable security solutions that 25/7 Protection can utilize to help our customers protect their properties. The products that 25/7 Protection carefully selects to sell to our customers are carried to meet all the custom designed security needs of our customers with the goal of providing long term, reliable security solutions. Many of the products sold at 25/7 Protection are backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and we take great pride in knowing that several of our clients are still using the security solutions they purchased from 25/7 Protection in our 11 plus years of existence.

Sales & Design:

Our team at 25/7 Protection is passionate and professional about our craft. We strive to effectively communicate our passion for effective home and business security and we are willing to challenge preconceived thought processes that don’t aim to help our customers protect their property. The staff at 25/7 Protection have all been in the retail sales environment for 10 years or longer and we rely on that experience to provide our customers with service that is tailored to their specific needs to protect their family home and or business assets. We are committed to our mission of selling products and designing personalized security systems that will empower our customer’s to protect and prevent against a crime, as opposed to just documenting it!

IT & Support:

25/7 Protection takes great pride in assisting our customers to take ownership of their security systems we design for them to proactively use those systems to protect their home and business. To ensure our customers can effectively stay in control of their security systems, we offer zero cost in store and over the phone IT & Support staff to assist our customers with new router setup, saving footage from the recorder, perimeter alert management and other frequently asked questions. If on-site assistance is necessary or preferred, 25/7 Protection has sought out experienced sub-contracted technicians that work within a collaborative environment with 25/7 Protection. These technicians have been entrusted to provide any needed on-site IT & Support to keep the customer service standards 25/7 Protection expects to aide in our customers utilizing their security systems to protect themselves and their property.

Professional & Self Installation:

25/7 Protection sells product directly to the public with all the needed components and in house support for our customers to complete their own installation. We provide a detailed custom design map and notes for our customers along with support materials including installation diagrams for the self-install customer base. 25/7 Protection has developed long standing relationships with licensed electricians that are sub contracted to professionally install products purchased from 25/7 Protection that we trust the electricians to get the job done right to help our customers use their security system from 25/7 Protection to stop crime on their property, not watch it! The licensed electricians that 25/7 Protection works with are highly skilled at their craft and they are dedicated to installing a quality infrastructure on our customer’s property. The installers are completely respectful towards each customer’s specific property and pride themselves on completing the most aesthetically appealing installation possible for our customer’s homes and businesses to proactively use the equipment purchased from 25/7 Protection.

Proactive Crime Fighting – CEO/ President Jerold McGlothlin

Jerold has over 30 years of experience in business and management. 18 of these years were as the Vice President of a major electronic company within the US and Canada. During that period he was in charge of all aspects regarding sales & marketing, as well as security & loss prevention.

In 2004, Jerold expanded his time into consulting and training business management, focusing heavily on loss prevention and security.  25/7 Protection has become one of the nation’s largest retail and training facilities in the security and loss prevention industry. Jerold’s main goal was to learn from law enforcement and the legal system on how to best create unique solutions and then develop security systems for homes, small companies, and also for some larger retailers such as Costco, Starbucks, and Target.

In 2011, Jerold was asked to join the Board of Directors for CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound in order to help broaden the connection within the law enforcement community, media, and businesses of all sizes, but most important with the public.

In 2015, Jerold was chosen to become the President for CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound, with the main goal of continuing to help teach the CrimeStoppers philosophy to businesses and the public of the importance of their partnership role with the law enforcement community and the media to help stop, catch, and/or avoid any criminal activity within their environment.