ICRealtime ICDDNS Server Update

Our ICDDNS server will be fully restored shortly.
Technical Department | 2019-07-11
UPDATED: 7/11/2019
IC Realtime engineering team has identified a critical hardware failure in a dedicated server responsible for the majority of ICDDNS. In working with our hosting provider, GoDaddy, we have faced extremely flimsy support from the Data Center team and GoDaddy themselves for a hardware issue resolution. We are trying to hold GoDaddy accountable to fix their failed hardware and it has caused nothing but additional delays. We are trying to work with all customers to use the P2P service, direct connection, or any other available methods to connect in the interim period while services are restored.
Because of the weak support on such a critical service, IC Realtime has already taken steps to migrate this server to Amazon AWS hosting to avoid future issues that impact our customers like this.
We completely apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to provide updates and support for all customers as they develop.

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