It is my pleasure to praise the excellent work being done by 25/7 Protection.

As the founder of Crime Stoppers, the world's most successful anti-crime program, I know a little something about innovation and 25/7 Protection is one of the most innovative businesses in the World.

The secret to 25/7 Protection's success is that they don't install security systems, they make them perform better. They help their customers select the best systems and make them even more efficient by adding proactive measures, stopping criminals before they can do their harm.

They count many major retail businesses and high-end residences as their clients. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, business or property, you owe it to yourself to get the best security equipment and expertise available. You have only one chance to get it right.

I know Crime Stoppers works. We have solved two million crimes world-wide. And I know 25/7 Protection will work for you.

Detective Greg MacAleese (Ret.) Crime Stoppers Founder

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