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Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm
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Workshop Descriptions

Personal and Home Protection

Learn from experts in the Home Security Business.  We can teach you how to secure your property from “The   Criminal Rat Pack”.

Topics Include:

· Audio and Visual Deterrence to prevent “The Criminal Rat Pack” from invading your Home and Property

· Easy to use and in-expensive ways to increase your level of home security

· Ways to Protect Valuable Documents, Heirloom Items, and Personal Firearms

Business Loss Prevention and Inventory Control

Theft and Vandalism are increasing at an alarming rate. Learn how to develop and execute strategies to attack losses and enhance you profitability.

Topics Include:

· Visual Deterrence to keep “The Criminal Rat Pack” at bay to reduce inventory shrinkage and loss

· Learn ways to increase revenue by keeping your profits and reducing losses

· We show ways to properly identify your assets and liabilities to protect your profits

Bars and Entertainment 

We can teach you how to avoid unnecessary expenses resulting from false lawsuits, fraudulent transactions, or State Enforcement Agency penalties

Topics Include:

· Learn how to Stop Employee Theft, Skimming ,Gifting and, Void or No Sale Theft

· Gain Insights on ways to reduce L&I Fraudulent Claims, Blackmail Lawsuits, or State Penalties

· Learn how you can Protect yourself from Human Resource Issues and Property Damages


 For Class Information Contact : jerold@257protection.com