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Dvr Demo Link

Click Here to View DVR DEMO

User Name: 257

Password: 257


Click the link above. In the upper Left hand corner of the IE window you should see "Remote Web Access". You will need to install the Active X control of the DVR Web page Access if this is your first visit to this link. Notice that in the upper part of the browser screen you should see a prompt to install the Active X program.

Once the Active X Control is installed you should see a similar screen as shown below. Enter the username and password to enter the DVR IE Webpage.

Note: Click here for instructions on adjusting security settings for active x controls in Internet Explorer

IE 8 users please see instructions below for compatibility mode needed to view the page.

IE 8 Instructions
This applies to anyone having difficulties running our web interface through IE 8. If you are still having issues after reading this, please call in for further assistance.
Step 1: Start out by launching Internet Explorer 8 from your desktop. Navigate towards the top of the page and locate an option called Tools.

Step 2: Once you click on Tools, click on Compatibility View Settings.

Step 3: Now simply type in the IP address/domain name of the DVR you are trying to connect to in the “Add This Website:” field then click “Add”.

Step 4:  The IP address/domain name should now be added in the “Websites in Compatibility View” area. Proceed with closing out and restarting Internet Explorer. Please be sure you have exited out of all browser windows before restarting IE.

Step 5: Type in the address of the DVR as normal and you should see the web interface show as normal.


Step 6: You should also be able to turn Compatibility Mode on or off by clicking a small icon located at the end of your main address bar.


Step 7: Note: If you still cannot access your DVR, you may need to adjust one more setting. Click on Tools, then Internet Options and choose the Advanced tab. Look for an option listed as “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks” (the option is listed towards the bottom). Make sure this option is disabled (un-checked). Once done, click “Apply” at the bottom then “Ok”. Restart Internet Explorer and you should now be able to access the DVRs web interface.

Step 4:  In the ‘URL’ field, type in the IP or domain of your DVR.  Click ‘Add’ once finished.  Repeat this for any additional sites you may have.  Once you’ve finished, click on ‘OK’.


Step 5:  That’s it!  You can now access any recorders in your sites filter list by simply typing your DVR address.